Posted on 30 April 12 at Borderlands 2 is being developed for PC, Xbox and PlayStation 3 and will be released on September 18th, in North America and September 21st, internationally. What is the Borderlands 2 Premiere Club, and how can I join? Members of the Borderlands 2 Premiere Club will receive in-game items and bonuses. Access to the Borderlands 2 Premiere Club can be obtained by pre-ordering Borderlands 2 from a participating retailer. For more details, including a list of participating retailers, visit this thread or borderlands2. Our hope is to make the Borderlands 2 Premiere Club available through as many retailers and territories as we can. Visit this thread or borderlands2. When will they be available for pre-order?

Borderlands 2 [Updated

The game is a hands down 9, 10 in my case since I was a big fan of the original and I’m happy they didn’t try to fix a system that wasn’t broken. I’d like to address the dissenters who are complaining about the game and through that, also point out the positives of the game. First of all, if Metacritic is deleting your reviews, it’s because you are giving a game a “0” that is clearly a 7 at bare minimum.

I honestly can’t think of any game I’ve ever played literally being a “0,” and honestly I don’t think the dissenters have either.

Oct 09,  · They’re all pretty good, really, save for Hammerlock’s. Scarlet’s gives you access to some rather standard armaments that you will likely want to try out depending on how involved you get in the game (The Sandhawk), eaaily farmable raid bosses for loot and seraph tokens (Hyperius) and to me, Torgue’s is just epic fun.

Is EA in Real Trouble? Veteran skins Have a saved game file from the original Borderlands on your hard drive to unlock the Veteran skins for all four characters using the option found under the “Extras” menu. Try to tip after she stops talking. Once you get a weapon from her, you can fast travel to another area and then back to Sanctuary. Keep tipping her again to get another weapon. She only gives two types of weapons — a fire elemental submachine gun and corrosive elemental submachine gun, but they should always have different stats.

Psychotic Elf Carrying an extra item in inventory This trick requires two class mods. Once your inventory is full, switch your currently equipped class mod for another one in your inventory you can then re-equip your original class mod after you have done this. Then, exit the inventory menu to be able to now pick up one additional item, allowing you to have up to 28 items in your inventory instead of the normal maximum of Each time you open the chest, it will use one key and give you rare weapon s or item s that are scaled to the current level you are at when you open the chest.

Thus, make sure you do not open the cheat with a Golden Key until you want a rare weapon for the current level you are at. There are multiple ways to get a Golden Key. You can also sign-up for the Gearbox Shift program that is found under the “Extras” menu in-game to get a Golden Key.

Borderlands 2 (Xbox )

While the trend is getting pretty annoying, this is a great package for those who missed either of the games last generation. Set on the cartoony, Mad Max-inspired planet Pandora, the series sees you playing as mercenaries in search of the ‘Vault’ – a legendary cache said to contain alien technology. Each character comes with their own unique ability and weapon specialisations. The line-up of characters changes in each game, but they generally follow the RPG class archetypes Warrior, Hunter, Rogue etc.

One of the series’ main selling points is its obscene number of guns. With millions of unique, randomly-generated weapons varying in elemental effect, damage, rate of fire, scope, reload speed and more, you’re pretty much guaranteed to never get the same gun twice.

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In fact, most of us love it with a face-melting, loot-whoring, damage-counting passion—though some of us aren’t quite so fanatical. But, like the pack of reviewers we are, we also know that the game isn’t perfect. Although our official review will give you a broad explanation, I’m here to talk about the one not-so-little problem that’s always bringing my Pandoran adventures down a peg.

So before you point your orange-grade shotguns at my face for even thinking badly of the awesome pack of humor and chaos that Borderlands 2 so truly is, hear me out. For you rock-dwellers out there, you should know that Borderlands 2 is one of the best co-op experiences in recent years. Guns are scaled up, enemies are more difficult, and XP gained increases in turn.

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For additional information with potential spoilers, read the detailed description below. The fast travel link to Sanctuary was severed due to the phase shifting, rendering it impossible for you to return. In order reestablish the link you have to head to the Hyperion factory in Highlands. Once you succeed you will travel back to the now airborne Sanctuary. Speak with Roland to unlock the trophy.

Jul 29,  · Anyway, I bought Borderlands 2 a week ago on Steam. Played about 23 hours atm with my friend, other three friends and in matchmaking. Unlike fireguy, I didn’t get any good loot .

See results Loot Everything In Borderlands 2 there are masses of boxes, barrels and other containers scattering the areas, which all contain either ammo, health regains or cash. These can be extremely useful to loot, as with the more cash that you have available, the more you can afford to purchase the better equipment, shield, guns etc. The other nice thing that Borderlands 2 has integrated in the game is that it allows loot sharing as well, which in effect allows one person from the group to loot from all the enemies, and the rest of the group gain a share of that loot.

Therefore, as a strategy, you could potentially have one person from the group shoot everything and another person simply pick up what is left. It may be worth having a good way of communication between players, so that you can easily alert other players if there is an area with a lot of loot to pick up. Remember, that Borderlands 2 has immense map sizes, and is a free-roam game. This means that you need to be specific when telling people where to go or look for things to collect.

The majority of enemies will drop cash when they die, and even though this may not be a huge amount, it sure does add up in the end!

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Review

February 29, 8: Blockbuster rented a physical disc to you. At the time they rented it to you, the supply of that same disc was constrained at the store and others could not partake the same disc. In the digital world, physical constraints basically don’t exist.

borderlands 2 xbox one Here’s a borderlands 2 (and pre sequel) thread! Talk about it or request for help or trade.(or if people wanna duplicate all their legendaries and .

Borderlands 2 Review February 19, at 8: During a period of first person shooting popularity growth on consoles, Gearbox introduced a game built around a cooperative shooting experience, whose loot and level grinding mechanics rivaled that which you would find in an MMO or barebones single player RPG. Similarly to the first installment of the franchise, Borderlands 2 once again sets players into the lush world of Pandora, albeit a better realized version of the world. Pandora is a living breathing gameplay venue stuffed to brim with loot to discover in its nooks and crannies, monsters to battle, and scenery to gawk at.

What you will find are four new vault hunters, and brand new antagonist, as well as a significant amount of the story dedicated to the on-going saga on Pandora after the events of the first game. Five years in the rear-view, Borderlands 2 picks up with these new vault hunters and their crusade to take down Handsome Jack, the leader of the evil Hyperion Corporation. Despite being very focused on its cooperative aspects, Borderlands 2 unfolds much like a single player RPG.

Though this time around its got the story to match. Main story quests are complemented with a ton of side content to explore, in hopes of earning more loot or unlockables for your character and adding even more color to the backstory of the many characters of the game.

Borderlands 2 Review

Xbox One, PC Price: The Publisher Part 1 – Near Launch Since this morning, I’ve been hammering away at Destiny 2 , Bungie’s second shot at its intriguing science-fiction fantasy universe. For me, Destiny felt like two halves that never coalesced into a full whole.

Borderlands 2 made me laugh at its characters and plot, and rage at its combat mechanics. In the end, I kinda wish i’d waited for it to go on sale, because I didn’t really get my $60 out of it. I didn’t bother with the DLC, and probably won’t go back anytime soon.

Dec 27, requiem99 said: UI and menus are a huge step back and just as glitchy as the last game. Graphics are basically the same with some minor improvements. I like the physics additions but they are largely superfluous eye candy with all major props still being static. I like the increased difficulty. I do not like the new drop system — B1 was already too grindy, there’s no reason to make good items even rarer except to please grinders and they’ve got plenty of MMOs to ply their trade in.

Story is still hilarious and awesome, even if it all feels very deja vu Maybe I was expecting Borderlands 2 to actually be Borderlands 2 and not a huge Borderlands 1 expansion pack where they improved almost nothing.

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