Can you write one about the botdf concert in Sac last night?! I love this request. So Im guessing you were there to then? Some fans caught my eye, but not many. One guy asked me to sign his stomach, two girls standing next to him. One girl was kind of short, and she was smiling. The other girl was almost taller than the boy, and almost taller than me. I took a picture with the boy and the first girl, before getting to the one who refused to smile.

Hayden Summerall

How many calories have i eaten today? I’m on a “pro ana diet” and on my first week i’m supposed to eat under cals a day. With chicken,peas and carrots and that’s i only ate half. Then i did 25 sit-ups, run for 20 minutes and then ate an orange.

The latest Tweets from Ella Whitford (@ellawhitford). When life gives you lemons, you add vodka bitches!!! EWG wrestling! Love the sport!! forever alone?:[ #TeamRedsox #TeamBitch #TeamGale. Exeter, Rhode island.

Can there be a secret organization that hires criminals to make music? AnimeDrawer I was having a talk with DCfnaf about music artists that do crimes and make terrible and sexual music. And I came up with these conspiracy theories all about music artists that were broken free out of jail to make music and made an organization. I was told that this should be a post, and I am already here, telling everyone about this theory. And don’t worry, most of your favorite music artists are not part of this organization, only a few actually are and they are all terrible music artists.

The music artists in this organization have committed crimes but still make music in despite of their crimes.


Aniju Aura Well I don’t go by human years for my the ages of pony characters, considering that some of the ponies seem like they can live a long time. There was never an established referance point for ages in the MLP characters to determine age, and Changeling who may age differently than ponies. So Celipscra’s age can’t be determine but her height might make her seem older than she really is, however her age isn’t important.

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What is meant by baptism? It literally means “to plunge under” to submerge, to immerse. In christianity baptism can get contorted depending on which denomination you’re with. Infant baptism is another related question. Obviously no one is going to plunge a baby under water. T…hus the baptizing of babies by sprinkling their heads with water clearly isn’t baptism.

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A lot of my friends cannot get past the pop that plays on the radio, and I cannot stand that. There are a lot of under appreciated artists with genuine talent that are overlooked, and believe it or not, not all artists need autotune to sing well. Plus, there is more to music than bad break up songs Taylor Swift needs to learn about this. There are real, raw emotions that can be portrayed through song, and I rarely find that degree of emotion on the radio.

Image detail for -botdf # dahvie vanity # jayy von monroe # blood on the dance floor Find this Pin and more on Bandsdahvie vanity baking stuffs XD.

I prefer Cooper and Butler. Hiddleston is so ugly he makes RDJ look fug. Every single thing you have said is well known among fans the myspace shit, the banana story or speculation. It wouldn’t be so hard to insert some little tidbits into your “tea” that aren’t a big deal but would make you sound believable. Anything about whether he was popular at school, what kind of girls he dated, who he hung out with etc.

I’m just going to assume there is no real dirt because he isn’t doing anything interesting and isn’t big enough for people to report every move he makes.

What is meant by ‘metrosexual’

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May 2, Posts What does shrill dance techno have in common with a humorous internet video of a crying 11 year old girl on YouTube? A lot, according to reports surfacing this week about Dahvie Vanity real name David Jesus Torres – music artist and front man of popular electronic act Blood on the Dance Floor. Bleacher has received numerous anecdotal reports as well as confirmed records from a previous offense dating back to September of last year in which Torres was charged with a 1st degree felony for statutory rape of an unnamed 16 year old girl residing in San Diego, CA.

This would perhaps be little to no news until earlier this week a video of a crying 11 year old went viral on the video sharing website YouTube, gathering over 1. Rumor turned into evidence, evidence turned into a police report and Jessi was put into protective police custody immediately as a case is being built against Vanity.

Details are still coming in at this time and we will update this article as they surface. It has been confirmed by Blood on the Dancefloor’s management that they will be canceling all upcoming tour dates in preparation for what may be a long and drawn out court case in which consequences may never be the same.

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Denise Matthews — far better known by her stage name, Vanity — has died at age 57 from kidney failure, the result of years of crack cocaine abuse, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. The singer and actress died Monday in a hospital in Fremont, Calif. The biggest by far was ‘s “Nasty Girl. It has since gone on to become a dance-floor classic.

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You can check in any time you like as long as you’re prepared to get deplorable. Written by someone who was actually raised by pugs, Postcards is a welcome addition to any nightstand. We’re not just blowing smoke. Our fearless interviewer isn’t afraid to stop totally at the surface. The content of this website may cause raging panic attacks in hypersensitive snowflakes who suffer from androphobia, galactophobia, emetophobia, corprophobia, claustrophobia, fear of taints, and other psycho-sexual maladies too numerous and frightening to mention.

Aniston said she recalled thinking, “Ohmigod, he didn’t waste any time coming out, did he? While refusing to go into detail, Aniston confessed that Pitt wanted her “to dress up like a man” when the couple had sex. Aniston said she tried to accommodate Pitt at first, but “some of the things he wanted me to wear were quite uncomfortable—not to mention ridiculous looking. The next thing I knew, he was photographed playing house with her and visiting a known gay beach in Africa.

The first time was when she described her reaction to Pitt’s new hair color. I will always love Brad, funny accessories and all. Pitt’s spokeswoman, Cindy Guagenti, issued a terse statement saying Aniston is “seriously delusional if she thinks Brad Pitt is gay, even though there’s nothing wrong with being gay, of course.

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This could be as simple as writing down a list of the characteristics that you are looking for in a partner. I like my date to order her steak rare-blue with a double martini, three olives, no sides. I appreciate a gal who knows the difference between lay and lie but keeps it to herself, confident enough to pick up hitchhikers, order a beer and a bump at a dive that smells like sour urine and sawdust, who is way too good at pool and has no qualms about asking for a fist full of quarters and shaking her moneymaker over to the juke box.

Of course emo boys are sexy, like pat kordyback and josh ramsay If you have seen any of those boys you will just die they are gorgeous. I think the most things girls (like me) like about emo boys are their hair and their adorable faces so bring it up and just like giggle a .

I just seen a picture of Dahvie Vanity with a mario teddy covering his penis,. I need to go cleanse my poor eyes. Rudy Lopez same the only rude person I’ve met was dahvie vanity in middle school shut up don’t judge me. I think if Luke Friend put enough makeup on and did his hair then he’d look like Dahvie Vanity oops sorry. Dahvie Vanity is a disgusting, vile, misogynist douche who preys on young girls. IRefuseToSink because Dahvie vanity is a sexual predator who doesn’t deserve fans or any defense.

I’m laughing so much because this person that looks a bit like Dahvie Vanity is following Claudia on Instagram. Found out true reasons why people think dahvie vanity is a sicko.

People Onision Has Dated (Ex Girlfriends)