The Upfront cost represents the setup cost. Some providers might include it in the minimum total cost. Sometimes early cancellation fees may apply. Actual internet speeds will vary due to many factors including distance from the local telephone exchange, the quality of the customer’s copper phone line, cabling and equipment. Finding the best broadband plan in Yeppoon, Queensland or nearby Rockhampton We now live in an era where internet access is a must and many aspects can be resolved online. So having a reliable internet connection can make a great difference between a good online experience and something that can sometimes ruin your day.

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‘QSO the World’ COMMUNICATOR’S FORUM The aim of this page is to pass on articles of interest to serving & ex-serving Communicators and interested parties.

PDF Winter fishing has been reaping the rewards of the early season flood events and should continue to get better in the months to come. Whiting have come on with gusto after a mediocre start to the year. All the creek mouths are firing, particularly at the start of the incoming tide. The pick baits are whatever is locally available where you are fishing. Yabbies do the trick in areas where yabby beds are nearby and beachworms work best up the beach or at the mouth of Corio.

From the beach many fishers tend to cast out too far and often miss the better fish, which can be right at their feet.

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Pedestrian Animal Attacks Injuries caused by a dog bite or other animal attack can be very serious and traumatic. People can be physically scarred and can also suffer psychological problems for life, for example, they may develop a fear of animals or not want to go out alone. Animal owners’ responsibilities Animal owners and keepers have duty to ensure their animals don’t cause an injury. The Dangerous Dogs Act also requires owners of some breeds of dog to keep them muzzled when in public.

Fraser Island to Yeppoon (Rosslyn Bay) Leave a reply. I had to kill it because the hook was caught in its gills and there was quite a lot of damage. Waking up in the middle of the night for a big glass of re-hydration juice was demanded.

Personal hygiene is a must. Don’t like my request – then move on! Geez- who wants to go hunting in the Amazon.. No expectations , no commitments , no emotions , no clinging on to what is not yours to keep. Set the ground rules from the beginning to what is acceptable and what is not , then it’s all clear,no freaking out or disappointments.. We are here to play – Right? If not – kindly move along, don’t waste my time Do not ask me personal questions please.

Anyways – Friends with benefits? Sure – why not.

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One of the many rosy jobfish hooked on squid. It has been a long time since I was seasick but I certainly felt the effects during the first night, when we decided to anchor side-on to the swell in a knot breeze. I call it a breeze because the wind soon increased to almost 40 knots for the next few days. Luckily we were able to find some good shelter in Tin Can Bay Marina.

Most of the other boats travelled north at about eight knots, so we were able to do a bit of sightseeing and fishing because our boat was capable of 37 knots. However, going this speed meant we burned litres of fuel per hour, so we settled down to 20 knots, which only burned about litres per hour.

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Saturday, June 4, Tested: Storm Wild-Eye Twitching Nipper While packing for a quick soft plastic session down at the local estuary and beach system of Ross Creek, I decided to put my favourite soft plastic to the test. Whether you are fishing under the bridge for rock and estuary cod or casting at bream and whiting, there is always an opportunity to wet some line and have a good time.

While keeping an eye on the other fishers casting out live mullets, prawn sections and soft plastics it quickly became obvious that the dreaded toad fish were on the prowl, scoffing down baits and tearing soft plastics to shreds. Nobody, except a young boy who caught a minutely small bream, was able to hook up on decent fish, but managed plenty of toadies instead. While I got close to the end of a rock spit, I felt a subtle bite without a solid hook up. Half of my Nipper was missing, leaving me no choice but to tie another on.

The best technique is to let the lure sink to the bottom, give it a few twitches, then let it sink back down. Always reel in any slack, especially on the pause, because fish commonly hit the lure as it sinks back to the bottom. While twitching my little nipper I felt the smallest bit of tension on the pause and quickly lifted my rod to set the hook. Within a few quick seconds, a flatty was pulling line off my Okuma Flame 30 reel and put a nice bend in my Okuma graphite Travel rod.

I landed the flathead with my new Okuma Lip Grips, which prevented me from getting a hand full of spikes. After a few quick pictures, the flathead was released without harm. I got it back without any harm and recommenced casting.

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Sunday, 03 April The travel and chance to fish across this big country, was great experience and a real eye-opener. And I enjoyed most of my time on the road.

Just as motorhomes range from basic campervans to those RVs so fancy they give us weep-inducing envy, so too do motorhome campsites. Roll up to basic wild camping sites, family holiday parks, swish sites with pool or hot tub, and sites of forest, mountain, beach and lake.

Thats pool, fencing, sheer decent, provisioning for solar, a blue glass pebble finish looks awsome , auto chlorinator, 3 x LED pool lights that change colour also looks awsome at night. Also forgot to mention a feature wall with stacked stone with teh sheer decent water fall thingo and lights I did get my electricals done by a sparky mate which saved some coin. As some people have already said, its the extras that hit the hip pocket, yes the pool is x amount, but then theres the extra for carting the dirt away, there is usually an amount allowed for in the quote but make sure its realistic.

I wanted mine in the corner away from my neighbours window. You also have the plumbing to consider. Brisbane and i think Logan Councils allow the backwash to go to storm water but Ipswich City Council must goto sewage. It cost me 2k for my plumber and some excavation to hook up my backwash to the sewer, and ICC hd to inspect, more fees there. Temporary Fencing, an extra to bucks. Also when they are building the pool, crap is left everywhere and given the wo kids, I didnt want them walking anywhere near the pool area due to metal from the fram lying everywhere.

Also, if there is any paving you need to consider. Be mindful too, that weather can play a part. We had the hole dug for the pool, the metal rio put in ready for the cement, but it rained for like a week and filled it up a fair bit. Since getting a pool built Ive learnt what I would aks the second time round if I was to get one done again.

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Thursday, 12 March In years gone by we’d generally drive straight past them, with an occasional exception. I recall almost nine years ago on one of my first reef trips out from Townsville we stopped by a feeding school of long tail tuna and I cast an old rusty metal slug into the mix and rapidly cranked my old Shimano TSS4 high speed spinning reel as fast as I could.

The slug was soon intercepted by a fooled long tail and I got my first display of the awesome fighting abilities of these bullet-like speedsters. With the understanding of the table quality these fish have, I quickly bled this fish and slipped it into the icy brine.

Category Archives: Hervey Bay to Yeppoon Hervey Bay to Yeppoon. Posted on June 28, by willavender. Not a thing left, no hook, no lure, nothing. I got up when I heard my Mum call out ‘fish’. Who wouldd not get up if they were about to catch a fish? I did not get to catch it as Mum pulled it in. It was a yellow fin tuna, nice one too.

Immigration decision a cruel blow to asylum seeker 18th January Ms Shamsalipoor is no longer allowed to study and her fight to live in Australia drags on. Richard Walker by Brendan O’Malley, City South News Iranian asylum seeker Mojgan Shamsalipoor has been told she no longer has the right to study and still has the threat of deportation hanging over her head. The ex-Yeronga State High student cried after being told the news during a phone hook-up with Immigration Department officials in December.

They informed her that once she finished her Certificate III in childcare she would no longer be allowed to study. It is hard for us, Mojgan especially,” her husband, Milad Jafari, said. It’s the same treatment for us. Ms Shamsalipoor and her brother Hossein were also told at the meeting that their bridging visas would be renewed, but only for another six months.

Despite claiming she faced death or great danger if forced to go back to her home country, the Refugee Review Tribunal rejected her asylum bid. But because Iran currently does not accept non-voluntary returns, the Immigration Department has granted her several bridging visas in the past few years. We are very grateful to have been given another six months, but Mojgan is sick of having to worry about her future every six months.

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Joint locks work by using leverage to apply pressure to the joints of the body, where if your opponent wants to avoid serious injury, will submit by “Tapping Out”. Chokes apply pressure, also using leverage, to the major arteries and airway in the neck. Again, your opponent must either Submit, or be rendered unconscious. Experienced instructors will be observing all classes at all times. The focus will be on building a strong foundation of BJJ techniques, where students will be encouraged to find their own personal style using the techniques taught.

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There is no crossing roads to get to beach its right down the track to the beach. This is the Tathra Wharf its the only one of these type left along the coast and a lot of fisherman use it as today, the top half of the building is a museum of the area including history of the wharf. Down on the lower level is a coffee shop and of course we had to try the coffee and cake As you see its a very relaxing place and there are not that many people about so you don’t feel rushed or crowded, there is plenty of room for everyone.

She did well I tell you As you travel about you get to understand that you have a jobs list as long as your arm and yet still be able to enjoy the travel and adventure, so when you get to a place which you spend a few days in you try to set aside a day to get hose jobs done and this weeks job was check over car. Getting under car and checking inside of tyre walls for any defects, seeing if all body parts are where they should be etc.

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