Costar couples McPhee, 30, and the British actor, 31, had eyes and hands only for each other when they were photographed kissing between takes on the L. The American Idol alum went in for a peck on the cheek as she playfully grabbed Gabel’s butt. Love on set The intimacy continued when the new lovebirds were joined by the rest of their cast for a private premiere of the show at nightspot Warwick in Hollywood on Sept. Although they didn’t arrive together, they “were inseparable and got cozy all night,” an insider tells Us. McPhee let loose and danced around the club with her friends during commercial breaks too, the source adds. At the time, both McPhee and Morris were married: Kat on the red carpet McCormack briefly kicked Morris out of the family home in the aftermath of the scandal, but the spouses of 10 years eventually reconciled. McPhee’s attempts to mend her marriage, however, fell through; this past May, she filed for divorce from Cokas, 49, after six years of marriage. A rep for the actress told Us that the exes “have an amicable relationship and will remain friends. Download the Us Weekly iPhone app now!

Drake’s Scorpion album: First impressions and standout moments

Soma, the Moon god Chandra Stars Orion, a group of three stars that represent the head of the hunter in the sky. Mythology Orion was the sky god Prajapati the world maker. He became obsessed with his beautiful daughter Rohini and chased her though this part of the sky, changing forms for swiftness. One of the forms was the antelope. To save Rohini, Shiva shot an arrow through Prajapati sending him crashing down to earth, destroying the oneness of the Universe. These individuals are constantly searching or looking for something.

On Scorpion Season 2 Episode 15, Walter’s date, Linda, ends up with a bomb strapped to her. Still not the worst first date in history, right? Still not the worst first date in history.

Share this article Share McPhee plays Paige Dineen in the series about geniuses who are the last line of defense against high tech threats around the globe. Painting the town red: The Smash actress wore a red blouse, skintight blue jeans and black Chelsea boots for her scene Her ex, meanwhile, wore dark blue trousers with a long-sleeve light blue t-shirt and dark sneakers.

In his hand the Interstellar actor held a small flashlight. The light seemed to be a prop for the scene, in which he and McPhee’s character appeared to be rescuing a dog from a hole in the ground. While the singer and the four-time divorced producer left the trendy night spot separately, onlookers said the two enjoyed a cozy dinner together at the eatery. It follows an undeniable display of affection between the two at his Foundation 30th Anniversary Miracle Gala And Concert on Saturday in Vancouver, Canada, amid UsWeekly’s confirmation they have begun to date ‘casually,’ but that ‘they’re not exclusive’.

David was married to Yolanda from until earlier this year. Before that he was wed to Linda Thompson from until From until he was married to Rebecca Dyer. And from until he called BJ Cook his wife.

Sylvester Dodd

Katharine McPhee as Paige Dineen Paige serves as office manager for the team, and helps to ‘translate’ the real world for them, helping them interact with the people they meet. In turn, the team helps her understand her genius son, Ralph. A Harvard-trained psychiatrist, Toby serves the team as a behaviorist, ‘reading’ people that the team encounters.

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He repeatedly claims to be incapable of emotion and shows signs of being a high functioning autistic. There’s no mention of Walter’s ethnicity on the show, but his actor Elyes Gabel is of partial Indian and Tunisian descent. When we see his parents in the modern day, they’re white, but the episode seems carefully lit to hide the difference. Walter and Megan are possibly what is known as black Irish, Irish people witsimh black hair and dark Latin complexions, possibly descended from a combination of either Spanish, Berber or Moors.

This troper’s family is such a case. No one actually comes out and says it, but it’s pretty clear where Walter’s Chronic Hero Syndrome comes from – he’s still haunted by those 2, civilians who died in Baghdad thanks to his program. This is averted by Walter’s back story.

Scorpion (TV series)

Its sting is sometimes fatal. People often draw back visibly when someone says he or she was born in November, murmuring, “Oh, you’re a Scorpio! Sometimes there’s also a giggle that obviously refers to the legendary Scorpio passion.

The Supernatural train keeps on going, as Dean and Sam will be back for season number Unlucky for some, but not for the Winchesters. But what can fans expect from the show on its return? From.

Read on for As to those Qs plus teases from other shows. We think it is, as befitting the couple that started the show, an incredibly romantic story showing just how powerful their love is. What is this in her that makes her so kind of Moira-esque, and how is she going to manage it? Ultimately, she and Oliver are going to come to the same conclusion about how to do that, by the finale.

Do you happen to have any teases you can share? After all, Luci up and left in the wake of kissing Chloe and then saving her life! And it sounds like those challenges are coming sooner rather than later: In the April 6 episode, Connor worries when Robin exhibits some unusual behavior. Anything about Chicago Justice? But a big reason is that she was addicted to painkillers because she got shot in the line of duty.

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Sly then joins the team in trying to stop an organization of poachers that seriously injure a pregnant deer from a nearly-extinct species. Due to his phobias, Sly has a hard time dealing with the mother deer, but grows to greatly care for her, even naming her Jane after Jane Doe. At one point, Sly saves Jane’s life using a defibrillator and his antibacterial gel.

Watch full episodes of Scorpion, view photo galleries, cast bios and hold on tight for the new US show that’s pure genius on TENplay.

Plot[ edit ] To Rome with Love tells four unrelated stories taking place in Rome. The second story, Antonio’s, is a direct lift with some amendments of an entire Federico Fellini film, The White Sheik Hayley’s Story[ edit ] American tourist Hayley falls in love with and becomes engaged to Italian pro bono lawyer Michelangelo while spending a summer in Rome.

During the visit, Michelangelo’s mortician father Giancarlo sings in the shower and Jerry, a retired—and critically reviled—opera director, feels inspired to bring Giancarlo’s gift to the public. Jerry convinces a reluctant Giancarlo to audition in front of a room of opera bigwigs, but Giancarlo performs poorly in this setting.

Michelangelo accuses Jerry of embarrassing his father and trying to use him to revive his own failed career, which in turn breeds discontent between Michelangelo and Hayley.

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The pair have been dating since last year. Barry Cast In Made In Chinatown Jun 25, By Deadline 0 Jadyn Wong has been added John Ridley’s next feature Needle In A Timestack , which follows a couple who work to hold their marriage together in a world where time travel is possible, and the past and present are ever fluctuating.

The film stars Leslie Odom Jr.

The team behind Scorpion have revealed that the climax to the first season has been in place almost from the show’s beginning. CBS recently announced that the high-tech thriller – which stars.

Blowpipe Dating back to the beginning of mankind, the blowpipe is still used for every day survival in the depths of the Amazon. Roman Scorpion Chad and Mike create a Roman Scorpion, the giant freestanding crossbow that terrorized the ancient battlefield with its flaming arrows. This machine is all about stored energy – when fired, it exploded and lurched like a striking scorpion. Greek Fire Chad and Mike get volatile attempting to squirt Greek Fire from the world’s first flame thrower. Bigger gas tanks, increased pressure, and modern fuel will make his floating flamethrower far more incendiary than the original.

Dueling Pistols Chad installs an electronic ignition in his dueling pistol, allowing him to draw and fire with lightning speed. Atlatl This spear throwing device pre-dates the bow, and was used by Native Americans as their main defense against the Spanish conquistadores. Katana This centuries old iconic Japanese sword is the ultimate fighting weapon. The heart of the Katana is its folded steel composite construction providing strength, sharpness and flexibility.

Repeating Crossbow Chad and Mike go back in time to Beijing – the time of the boxer rebellion to see the machine gun of the ancient world, the Chinese repeating crossbow in action. Rockets What made this cast iron, pound, Civil war rocket revolutionary was its spin. By diverting some of the rocket’s thrust to create spin, the Hale took advantage of the simple idea of gyroscopic force, improving both range and accuracy.

Chakram Mike travels deep into India to join warriors wielding the Charkram, a deadly ring-shaped weapon with a razor-sharp edge.

Jadyn Wong & Eddie Kaye Thomas Interview – Scorpion Season 2